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ICal 7 años 3 meses ago #257

  • Katiana
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Congratulations!!! I love your app, it's extremely useful for me. I was looking forward to the ICal integration, it works fine but unfortunately is useless for me. I write the tasks my students have to do in ICal but I always write a note for every event. The notes are not synchronized, only the title of the event, where I write the name of my class, so this is the only thing that shows on the diary in the app but not the notes. Do you think you could include the synchronization of the notes in your next release of the app? It would be really great!
Thanks for everything and keep on the good work!
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Re: ICal 7 años 3 meses ago #258

  • bert
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Hi Katiana!
Thanks for your comments.
I've been checking the info regarding iCal notes and I think they can be integrated. Not sure how it will look, as probably you'll end up with all classes diaries holding the same events (unless we add some kind of filter by title). I'll give it some thought though!
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